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Smart Drones Solutions

Intrusion into civil or critical facilities

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Smart Drones Solutions

Automatic license plate recognition

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Smart Drones Solutions

Assistance in case of fire and emergencies

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Civil sector- Private company

Automatic license plate recognition

Real-time availability of license plates captured from a dynamic, high and advantageous position is a solution to consider for strategic areas like: entrances to municipalities, storage parks, tunnels and harbor areas where extensions are large and installing sufficient cameras in order to avoid blind spots is expensive and complicated to achieve.


One of the most effective tools in perimeter security is prevention. Having a real time intrusion identification system, will dissuade potential unauthorized individuals to access protected areas.

Emergencies and fire

In emergency situations a drone will allow us to give greater coverage and flexibility in the implementation of tasks such as identification of hot spots in the case of fire and rescue in case of emergencies and different kind of disasters. The individuals’ search algorithms and the nighttime navigation are essential in order to regain the control of the situation as soon as possible.

Analytics – Big Data

Video analytics platform

DroneThunder® integrates real-time video and data collected by drones with a video analytics platform capable of enhancing any VMS available on the market. This platform increases its effectiveness by offering new security solutions.

Integration with video managers

Our analytics platform can be integrated, as a plugin, with leading video management systems (VMS), transforming any conventional VMS into an advanced high security system easy to manage by the user.

Cloud platform

Our platform can also be easily installed on the cloud, and has the ability to capture, store, manage and analyze the data and video obtained by the drone in order to draw conclusions that will help us create value and innovation more quickly. This adds freedom when controlling the operations and processes performed by our UAVs from any place, on different devices and at all times.

Military sector – Security Forces

High precission solutions

From DroneThunder® Security Forces we have developed powerful solutions for the defense industry. We have a range of high precision solutions for government, army and security forces. Contact our team through our contact form or email [email protected] so that we can attend your needs in a personalized way.

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